Monday, November 5, 2007


So, I saw it. Tonight. For the first time in my life: the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, the magical phenomenon created by sunspots and atmosphere. They flicker across the sky, sometimes slim tubes of light, other times a wider beam. Sometimes they look like an eerie watercolour wash against the dark night sky. People tell me that in NWT, they ar more colourful. Maybe if I get to go to Yellowknife, I will see them like that...if I get outside the city!

I am awed. Too awed to wax on about it much. I think it would diminish the grandeur.


Karen said...

Excellent news!

Don't worry - when you come to Yellowknife, you can see the lights right in town - in fact, I can often get quite a show from the warmth of my living room, which faces North. Can't wait to have you visit. I'm loving the blog, BTW - and sharing it with a few others. I hope that's OK.

peruser said...


I'm so jealous!! And keep on with the blog.. Maher and I are enjoying your entries.. It's cool that you have cool enough experiences to blog about! :)