Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Blizzard Bunny

Spring has come to the Arctic, and with it snow. I returned from circuit on Friday night to find Iqaluit a storm brewing. Saturday morning, most of the view from my window was obscured by snow. I could hear the wind howling a little and the ravens looked like they had trouble taking off.

Fortunately, I spend most of the day right after a circuit lying around my apartment eating food. In good weather, I feel vaguely guilty about this. This weekend, however, I felt like it was not just an indulgence but also a necessity. It`s true that the large snow drifts did not close Northmart or Arctic Ventures, the grocery stores. Cabs still made it out, not as regularly as they might but regularly enough to get me to some serious eating festivals. At one of them, all the guests got little Lindt chocolate bunnies. This is a great thing for two reasons: 1) eating and chocolate are a very important part of Easter in my family and 2) a foil wrapped chocolate bunny makes an excellent Arctic window sill ornament--as you can see.


Brian said...

I guess you don't have to worry about the bunny melting, anyway.

JoePa Uber Alles said...

I'm curious about the circuit deal. I know some of the smaller counties in Texas share a judge and a DA's office with 3-4 other counties, which gets interesting in trying to track a judge or a prosecutor down in those few cases I've done in the outlying counties.

How often are you in each locale? Once a month sort of deal?

-- Crawford

jgevikoglu said...

it is a big challenge tracking people down. The circuits vary. Some communities we hit 2 times a year. others we hits every 2-3 months. We've made an effort to divide the office into teams so that we get consistency on the circuits and with defence counsel. Up here, everyone is pad by Legal Aid and most circuits have at least one Legal Aid staff lawyer. the Legal Aid staff are divided into regions too.

I didn't know TX has community circuits, though it totally makes sense. I would be interested to go on one someday.

JoePa Uber Alles said...

It's not quite the same, obviously, sue the counties that share DA's and judges are contiguous, but it's pretty interesting having to drive 100 miles to talk to a judge between court dates.